Testing Instrument for Pulp Stock Preparation

Testing Equipments for Hand-Sheet Former
Pressing and Drying

Lesson’s equipments are widely useful
from pulping to paper making whole line products of QC system.

Lesson Industrial Co., Ltd.
founded in 1976
Our major product lines include: paper tensile strength tester, bursting strength tester, internal bond tester, ring crush tester, densometer, thickness, stiffness tester, standard hand-sheet machine, beater valley, freeness tester, pulp disintegrator, disc refiner, flat screen, rotary autoclave, Bauer-Mcnett pulp classifier, centrifugal pulp dehydrator, standard PFI mill, automatic square sheet press, rotary dryer, air dryer , corrugated fluter, puncture tester, static coefficient of friction tester, Bekk type smoothness tester, puncture tester, score quality tester, standard force gauge, etc . In other words, its equipments are designed to be applied in all aspects of paper production quality control.