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Testing Instrument for Pulp Stock Preparation
This is a valley-type beater for  laboratory beating of pulp under standardized conditions. It to provide sheet former is intended for producing laborator sheets for physical tests. It is a device to obtain uniform beating pressure constantly by means of a fixed roller and a certain pressure due to a bedplate Most of all, it does an excellent job of free beating or wet beating, and its result is very close to that of the mill beater. It's effective in quality control.
1. Capacity: 23 Liters. Pulp container is made of stainless steel SUS 304
2. Sample Weight: 690 grams.
3. Pulp Consistency: 3%
4. Flybar Motor Speed: 500 RPM.
5. Flybar and Badbar Material: SUS 304
6. Badbar Material: SUS 304
7. Beater container Base: Cast iron FC25,
8. Drive Motor: 1 HP x 3P 220V 50Hz
9. Frame: Steel SS41
10. Dimension: 120 x 500 x 110 cm
11. Weight: about 200 kg
12. Test Method: TAPPI T200 os-70 JIS 8210-1976