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Testing Equipments for Paper、Corrugated Board and Box Container
This tester is for determining folding resistance of paper, synthetic resin sheet, film, etc. by repeated folds like schopper type apparatus. The load is applied to the specimen at the fixed folding angle and rotation speed and read the number of double folds made until it breaks. The advantage of this apparatus is the capability of testing paper of any thickness by changing clamping jaws whereas schopper type apparatus can not test paper thicker than 0.25mm.
Folding tension: 0.5-1.5kg (normally 1kg)
Rotation speed of clamping jaws: 175rpm.
Folding angle: 135° + 5°(to both right and left)
Kind of clamping jaws: 0.254mm, o.508mm, 0.762mm,
1.014mm, 1.27mm.
Motor: Single phase 100V, 65W