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Testing Equipments for Paper、Corrugated Board and Box Container

Bekk Type Smoothness Tester


Smoothness of paper is one of the Important factors to evaluate writing and printing aptitudes of paper, With this machine, test is conducted in the following procedure: place a sheet of paper on the well polished surface of glass constituting an optical surface, apply a 0.1 MPa pressure on the top of the paper and measure the time needed for a 10 cc air to penetrate through the gap between the paper surface and the glass surface.

For test a high smoothness paper, a rapid measurement system is provided, which is able to measure penetration time of 1 cc air, 1/10 of the standard alr volume.

1. Measurement area: 10±0.05cm2
2. Specimen pressurization: 100kPa
3. Pressurization type: cam
4. Vacuum meter: digital
5. Timer: max. 9999.9 seconds
6. Measurement vacuum: 380mm to 360mm
7. Measurement air volume: 10 cc or 1 cc, selectable
8. Referential standards: JIS P-8119-1998, TAPPI T479om-99, ISO 5627
9. Power source: single-phase VAC 50/60 Hz
10. Outer dimensions: 40×33×42cm(H)
11. Instrument weight: 25kg